The Love Affair

Book Description

Is love a passionate outpouring of emotions? Or, is love steadfast companionship? Journey with Alexia as she is compelled to ask and answer these questions.

Alexia is deeply devoted to her boyfriend. But her commitment is rewarded with infidelity.

Shattered by betrayal, she tries to heal her broken heart without waiting for a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue.

 Delve into a young woman’s psyche as she weathers the turmoil in her mind and heart.

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The Setting

This Story is set in the picturesque Indian state of Goa. This tiny state is known for its gorgeous beaches, majestic churches that are remnants of the bygone colonial era, colourful temples, lush hillsides, paddy fields and spice farms, and a blend of oriental and occidental culture.

Few Additional Details

The Protagonist Alexia belongs to the Goan Catholic community that plays a prominent role within the socio-economic and cultural ethos of the state.

Years ago, the first rough version of this story was published in a local newspaper ‘The Navhind Times.’

Okay, I am going to insert a disclaimer here LOL: readers looking for steamy, passionate love scenes with a hot heartthrob are going to be disappointed LOL. The story may look quite small, and it is! But interwoven within the narrative of simple words, it does occasionally touch upon some heavy issues.

Readers willing to journey with the protagonist as she grapples with her emotions and the reality of her circumstances will be rewarded with a moving tale.

The book was proofread by Vidya T L and formatted by Vick Singh.

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