The Love Affair

Book Description

Is love a passionate outpouring of emotions? Or, is love steadfast companionship? Journey with Alexia as she is compelled to ask and answer these questions.

Alexia is deeply devoted to her boyfriend. But her commitment is rewarded with infidelity.

Shattered by betrayal, she tries to heal her broken heart without waiting for a knight in shining armour to come to her rescue.

 Delve into a young woman’s psyche as she weathers the turmoil in her mind and heart.

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The Shadows

Ebook Description

After her arranged marriage, Medha and her new husband move to the city to be closer to his work. She’s focused on being a homemaker, but their new apartment leaves much to be desired. Of course, Medha plans to face everything with a positive attitude.

Until strange, inexplicable and frightful things begin happening.

As she grows increasingly unsettled and fearful in her tiny apartment, she tries to find comfort in her husband. But he won’t listen to her. Left to face reality alone, Medha’s terror grows. Certain there’s a curse on her home or dark spirits are out to harm her, she’s torn between being a good wife and running for her life…

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