Mr. Nice & Mr. Mine: My Journey to Love: Ebook Information

Book Type: Kindle Ebook

Ebook Launch Date: First week of June 2024.

Time Period: Set in Contemporary Society.


The ebook/novel ‘Mr. Nice & Mr. Mine: My Journey to Love,’ combines three genres:

  • Contemporary Second Chance Romance
  • Family Drama/ Family Saga
  • Coming of Age Story.

Book Blurb

While in college, when naïve dreams intertwine with reality, a chance encounter causes Alexia to become mesmerized by the handsome and charming Stephen. Enveloped in the euphoria of infatuation, Alexia pursues the man who has her spellbound. As they enter a period of prolonged courtship, Alexia feels blessed for having found her forever love.

However, a night of carefree revelry, exposes the cracks beneath the surface of this youthful romance.  Their relationship becomes a tumultuous dance of dizzying highs of passion and crushing lows of doubt.

As Stephen struggles to reconcile his heart’s desires and his professional ambitions with the weight of his commitment to his girlfriend, Alexia is forced to confront the wreckage of broken promises.

Can their college romance navigate through the challenges of the grown-up world and turn into a life-time partnership?

Set in the picturesque, coastal State of Goa, India, this poignant tale of resilience, longing, self-discovery and acceptance, explores the fragile complexities of the human heart and human relationships.

Editorial Reviews

“Mr. Nice and Mr. Mine is an extraordinary tale of love. The author crafts deeply relatable characters nestled within the beautiful landscape of Goa. The narrative offers a unique perspective on timeless themes such as marriage, love, family, and destiny,” Gautam Manerikar, Author and Fiction Enthusiast.

“The book beautifully conveys the themes of love and personal growth, depicting the ups and downs of relationships. It engages readers with genuine emotion, delving into the complexities of young love and self-exploration,” Melina Lobo, Bookstagrammer & Book Critic.

“Mr. Nice & Mr. Mine is a compelling read that captivates from beginning to end. With its rich tapestry of romance, drama, and cultural intrigue, it is sure to leave a lasting impression on readers, inviting them to reflect on their own journey through life’s changing tides,” Pooja Jagad, Bookstagrammer & Digital Content Creator.

“A light, breezy read that empowers women,” Vidya TL, Freelance Editor & Proofreader.